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Invierno 2020

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It's A Wonderful Life es la fiel adaptación teatral de Tony "Sparx" Palermo de la clásica película de Frank Capra sobre los sueños, el sacrificio y la redención en un pequeño pueblo de Estados Unidos. La adaptación imaginativa de Tony ha sido realizada por numerosas compañías profesionales, compañías de teatro comunitario, escuelas e iglesias en todo el país. Esta adaptación será alegría para muchos durante las vacaciones.

Pan is three days away from the most important exam of her life, and her friends, Jude and Farren, are counting on her to up her Game. No more distractions. No more mistakes. Together they’re to compete in a dangerous virtual reality that pits them against a mysterious enemy and ultimately determines their rank in the community. Life in Sanctuary is too precarious not to be taken seriously. But Pan’s uncertainty and innate curiosity send them on a different course altogether. After encountering two young strangers who bring an inconceivable possibility to her community, Pan begins to question all she knows. Is Sanctuary the safe haven she has always believed it to be, or a prison built on fear? Inspired by the Greek myths of Prometheus and Pandora, Spark ponders the possibility of a world without fire and suggests that, no matter how hard we try to trap our worst fears in a box, it is impossible to stand in the way of young imaginations driven toward curiosity and hope.

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