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Congratulations to all of you who auditioned for


You all made the choices very difficult. THANK YOU!  I Love a challenge. 

Now don't spoil the excitement by going all social media crazy and post the results. Let everyone see it for themselves.  

As I stated at the call backs.... ARGH!!!!! That should have been a sign of just how strong all of you were throughout this process. I am very proud to have gone through this process with you this year. This process has been phenomenal - From the Vocals... to the acting... to the smiles during and sore bodies after dance auditions.... to Call Backs.  Thank you for being part of that process. I appreciate each and every one of you. CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL OF YOU! NOW this compliment had better not go to your heads.. Everytime I give compliments and affirmations it blows up in a negative way.  This show needs to stay positive from the first read to the final curtain. This is a large cast and I am really excited to work on this show. 

We will do things differently.  Tomorrow  November 18, 2023 from 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm I will be at the school in the black box to hand out the scripts for you to accept your role(s)... If you can not be there to pick up your scripts you need to email me to let me know you accept or decline your role.  Crew Members will need to come to the school as well to accept their positions and receive the job descriptions.  Only the Leads will have a script at this time.. (Unless time goes my way in the morning. ) We will have a read-through/sing-through on November 27 from 2:45 pm - 6:15 pm.  At 6:30 pm that same night there will be a required Parent/Student production meeting in the Auditorium.  

There are two links for the audition results (CREW and CAST)... Don't just immediately look for your name... I know you will, but still. Look for the sheer number of people involved.

Dance captains will be established at the first choreography rehearsal in December. 

The vocal section leaders  will be established at the Sing through/Read through.

The roles of Patchy and Pirates will be portrayed by Special  Guests, who you all may know and love!


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