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Congratulations to all of you who auditioned for


You all made the choices very difficult. THANK YOU!  I Love a challenge.  I worried at first that this cast would be complicated to completely fill, but you all surprised me. Both of us are excited to say, There are many surprises in this cast. I, for one, am thrilled and looking forward to the art and the story we will be creating. 


We will do things differently. Saturday March 25, you will be able to accept your part and pick up your script and attend the Poppins Clean up/Work Session.  You will have spring break to read and highlight and memorize your script. There will be no cuts to the script, so this will be easy at least. We will have the read through Monday April 3 at 3:00 following the Council meeting. 

There are a couple of pages on the audition Results... Don't just immediately look for your name... I know you will, but still look at the results and see the dynamic team that will bring SPARKs to the stage as we explore the world of sanctuary. 

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